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GM Newsletter - June 2022

May contain: water, nature, outdoors, river, waterfall, tree, plant, fir, and abies

Message from the General Manager

Welcome to the June edition of the General Manager’s Newsletter. Read on to learn about what is happening at the District. This newsletter is a good resource to stay up to date on projects underway, the Plan for Water effort, water storage levels, water conservation, and all things NID. The newsletter will be issued on a monthly basis and will be archived on our website for future reference.

In this month’s edition:

  • Conservation - we need to conserve 20% compared to 2020
  • Campfires banned
  • Watershed grant awarded - Bear River Wildfire Recovery Project
  • Annual Water Quality Report released
  • Plan for Water update
  • Latest NID reservoir levels
  • Hydropower activity
  • Engineering update
  • ... much more!




May 2022: Snow survey, top crops list, take the UC Cooperative Extension Agricultural Survey, Dam Safety Activities Report

April 2022: Snow survey, Tree Canopy Study, Irrigation Season Starts - Top Crops List

March 2022: Hemphill Fish Passage, water conservation slips, English Meadow Restoration Project

February 2022: Snow Survey -- plus check out a new survey video, Seasonal recreation jobs - recruitment begins

January 2022: Storm wrap-up - crews respond to keep canals flowing

December 2021: Chris Bierwagen to continue as Board of Directors president, Plan for Water update, 2022 meeting calendar is released

November 2021: students tour Elizabeth George Water Treatment Plant, campground reservations begin on January 4, 2022, Plan for Water

October 2021: kickoff to Plan for Water is Nov. 9, free digital NID history book, NID water quality exceeds standards

September 2021: Cleaning the Bear River, River Fire Response & Recovery Efforts; $1.2 million to Restore English Meadow

August 2021: Plan for Water Update; River Fire Aftermath; Treated Water Conservation Comparison

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