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NID History Book: Delivering Water for Life

May contain: water, outdoors, nature, vegetation, plant, and river

This history book was published to celebrate NID’s formation and the bold steps it took throughout a century to ensure water would be available to foothill communities.

Download the history book by chapter or in its entirety. It’s free to the public.


*** An ADA digital version also is available upon request



READ AND DOWNLOAD THE BOOK BY CHAPTER. Click on the chapter of interest.

Introduction (5,968 KB)

Chapter 1 – The Gold Rush Brings Early Water Development (12,210 KB)

Chapter 2 - The Birth of Local Agriculture (6,159 KB)

May contain: water, person, human, waterfront, pier, port, and dock

Chapter 3 - Dreams of Water Lead to the Formation of Nevada Irrigation District (4,159 KB)

Chapter 4 - The New District Takes Shape (4,044 KB)

Chapter 5 - Securing a Water Supply from the High Sierra (9,185 KB)

Chapter 6 – Building the Dream with Ditches and Canals (4,817 KB)

Chapter 7 - The First Water Flows to Customers (8,039 KB)

May contain: person, human, nature, and outdoors

Chapter 8 – The Durbrow Years and the Creation of Scotts Flat Reservoir (5,067 KB)

Chapter 9 - Tough Financial Times: 1940s and 1950s (3,833 KB)

Chapter 10 - The Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project (8,463 KB)

Chapter 11 – Water Quality Comes of Age (4,474 KB)

Chapter 12 – NID Grows with the Community (8,720 KB)

May contain: truck, vehicle, transportation, and tow truck

Chapter 13 – Thinking about Water in a Different, Better Way (4,247 KB)

Chapter 14 – Water for the 21st Century (6,665 KB)

Chapter 15 – NID Focuses on Modernization: the 2010s (9,964 KB)

Chapter 16 – Drought Impacts Reach Far and Wide (3,388 KB)

Chapter 17 – Looking Forward to the Next 100 Years (5,579 KB)

Appendices – (including chronology, lists and canal system and facilities, and more) (1,494 KB)


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