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Our Mission

The District will provide a dependable, quality water supply; continue to be good stewards of the watersheds, while conserving the available resources in our care.

District Goals

1. The continued health of the District is dependent upon the proactive management of our physical, financial, and human resources.

The three core assets of the District are: our staff, our equipment and our capital/financial assets. We believe that the development of a forward thinking decision framework is necessary to maintain a proactive approach to managing our internal resources. Through prudent and forward thinking management, we can ensure resilient and sustainable operation of our systems to the benefit of our customers, our community, and the environment. These benefits are experienced locally, regionally and statewide if done properly and with great care.

2. Stewardship of District resources requires a collaborative and responsive relationship with our Local and Regional community.
The continued efficient function of the District requires it to be responsive to its customers and the community as a whole. Our role is to provide service to our community and that is incumbent on a continuous stream of communication with our customers and the various stakeholder groups that chose to be involved with our business lines. We must establish and maintain a leadership role in supporting the community as it relates to our three business lines (Water, Hydroelectric, and Recreation). These business lines must work to integrate their functions into the fabric of the communities they serve for them to be relied upon and trusted.

3. Developing and managing our resources in a self-determining manner protects and provides for local control of our community’s most valuable assets – a fairly priced and available water supply.
The last three years have demonstrated that there are regulatory entities and organizational partnerships that will directly affect our ability to deliver service. These threats to our community’s capacity to be self-determinate pose a very real and apparently expanding operational concern. We recognize the fact that we own our facilities in total which provides a considerable amount of flexibility as we continue to address the environmental and regulatory impacts within our current operational environment. We are in the unique position of being able to singularly decide on the best course of action for the District and our community. This flexibility has allowed us to manage our resources to our collective advantage and thus meet the covenants of the District’s formation directives.

4. We believe the integration of proven practices and technologies enhances efficiency and reliability throughout the District.
We must work to provide the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost without impacting the quality of our service. For the District to continue to operate in a lean and athletic fashion it must continue to look for processes and technologies that will allow us to do more with less.

Plans & Objectives

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