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Our Mission

lake, trees, rocks, nature
The District will provide a dependable, high-quality water supply for the communities we serve.

Strategic Priorities

1. Long-Term Infrastructure and Water Supply Reliability

NID will plan and invest in infrastructure and water supply reliability to maintain and improve service levels and revenue.

2. Employee Engagement

NID will prioritize and invest in our employees to attract and retain top talent and increase employee engagement.

3. Watershed Stewardship and Resiliency

NID will protect and improve the quality and health of our watersheds and enhance our water supply.

4. Financial Sustainability

NID will develop a sustainable financial model that manages and obtains funds necessary to ensure the long-term delivery of water.

5. Technology & Innovation Investments

NID will integrate technology and data collection to increase efficiency, knowledge, and sys-tem security to decrease costs and increase production.


Plans & Objectives

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