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Some of the many ways NID is committed to conservation…

Water Efficiency

Nevada Irrigation District encourages wise use of water. Conservation and water use efficiency is important to preserving our precious water resources. Water is needed for drinking water, household use, growing food, commercial and industrial uses, groundwater recharge and the environment. To learn more about water use efficiency, click here.

*New- Measure Your Water Use Calculator Click on the link and answer the questions to find out how much water your home uses and how to save water, energy and money.

Be sure to check out our Summertime Sprinkler Checklist. Use this checklist as you turn on your sprinkler/drip systems to ensure proper water use!

To view our water conservation chart, click here.

To view our Drought Contingency Plan, click here.

Demonstration Garden

Master Gardeners and the Nevada Irrigation District cooperate to demonstrate sustainable landscape techniques for the home gardening. The Nevada Irrigation District and the University of California signed an agreement to establish a demonstration garden in March 1991. NID installed water lines and electricity for irrigation timers. Master Gardeners designed and planted an herb garden that fall. The following year vegetable beds and fruit trees were planted. Master Gardeners plan, install and maintain the garden. To learn more, click here.

Mulch Magic Giveaway

Mulch is a great tool to help save water. 2-3 inches of mulch helps retain water keeping the soil moist for longer periods of time. NID and Nevada County Resource Conservation District will be hosting the next Mulch Magic Giveaway, held at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. click here for more information

Irrigated Pasture Management Workshop

Learn how to maintain your pasture and improve water management and system efficiency. This workshop features indoor and outdoor presentations by Dan Macon, UCCE Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor. 


For more conservation resources, click here.

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