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Start/Stop Service

Start/Stop Service

Please call our Customer Service Specialists who will answer your questions and provide the information and proper forms for you to sign up as a new NID water customer.

We will help you determine if your property has NID water or if water is available to your property. If there are no water systems serving your neighborhood, we will help you determine what you may be able to do as a private landowner to bring water to your neighborhood.

NID operates a network of six water treatment plants that supply high quality drinking water to homes, schools and businesses in the more densely populated areas of Nevada, Placer and Yuba counties.

Home Ownership Changes

If the home you are purchasing (either new or existing) already has an NID water meter, you will need to transfer the service to your name. We will send you an application and transfer the service into your name on or about the day escrow closes, provided the transfer application has been completed and returned to NID.


In many cases, the property owner will pay the water bill. In cases where the tenant will be paying, a Landowner Consent To Tenant Billing Form will be provided. When the form is submitted with the property owner’s signature, NID will establish an account in the tenant’s name.

Standby Accounts

If your property has an NID standby account, it means that water is available. If you are building a new house or adding a water meter to an existing house or vacant parcel of land, please call or visit Customer Service so we can begin the water connection process. We will prepare a New Meter Route Sheet for in-house review and to determine the charges for your new water connection.

If You Don’t Have a Standby Account

If you do not have a standby account, water may not be available to your property. Water availability can depend on many factors including location of facilities, permits, etc. Using your assessor’s parcel number and geographic location, our Operations Department specialists will compare your data to our operations maps to give you an idea of water availability. Submit your address and parcel number for review using our Water Request Form. There are a couple of special programs that you may qualify for to Bring Water to Your Neighborhood.

Customer Service

NID’s friendly Customer Service personnel are available to answer your questions during normal business hours, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. Call (530) 273-6185.

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