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GM Newsletter - July 2022

A goat eats a plant

Message from the General Manager

Welcome to the July edition of the General Manager’s Newsletter. Read on to learn about what is happening at the District. This newsletter is a good resource to stay up to date on projects underway, the Plan for Water effort, water storage levels, water conservation, and all things NID. The newsletter will be issued on a monthly basis and will be archived on our website for future reference.

In this month’s edition:

  • Forest Management: teaming up with state agencies
  • Plan for Water update
  • Fall Creek Flume renovated
  • Goats graze to reduce vegetation
  • Annual Water Quality Report released
  • Reservoir levels above average
  • Hydropower activity
  • Engineering projects
  • Centennial update
  •  ... much more!




June 2022: Conservation needed,  campfires banned, grant awarded for Bear River Wildfire Recovery Project, annual Water Quality Report released

May 2022: Snow survey, top crops list, take the UC Cooperative Extension Agricultural Survey, Dam Safety Activities Report

April 2022: Snow survey, Tree Canopy Study, Irrigation Season Starts - Top Crops List

March 2022: Hemphill Fish Passage, water conservation slips, English Meadow Restoration Project

February 2022: Snow Survey -- plus check out a new survey video, Seasonal recreation jobs - recruitment begins

January 2022: Storm wrap-up - crews respond to keep canals flowing

December 2021: Chris Bierwagen to continue as Board of Directors president, Plan for Water update, 2022 meeting calendar is released

November 2021: students tour Elizabeth George Water Treatment Plant, campground reservations begin on January 4, 2022, Plan for Water

October 2021: kickoff to Plan for Water is Nov. 9, free digital NID history book, NID water quality exceeds standards

September 2021: Cleaning the Bear River, River Fire Response & Recovery Efforts; $1.2 million to Restore English Meadow

August 2021: Plan for Water Update; River Fire Aftermath; Treated Water Conservation Comparison

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