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Plan for Water Presentation Summaries

May contain: nature, outdoors, water, stream, plant, vegetation, creek, land, tree, woodland, jungle, and scenery

The Plan for Water (PFW) process is a long-range decision tool to guide NID’s water management. It is a public collaboration process to determine the best ways to meet the community’s demand for water over the coming decades.

The PFW is an open and comprehensive look between NID and the community at the potential limitations of its infrastructure and water availability in relationship to the impacts of new regulations, changes in land use, climate change and community values.

For most of 2023, the PFW process has focused on “hydrology and hydrography,” “supply needs,” and “demand.”

NID is summarizing these discussions in a four-part article series, which will feature charts and graphs and short explanations.

May contain: creek, nature, outdoors, stream, water, slate, and rock


As a reminder, PFW will develop a range of potential scenarios for the NID’s Board of Directors and the public to consider when determining the best ways to meet the community’s demand for water for the next 50 years while weighing the impact on NID, the community and the environment. When complete, the PFW will show how a variety of future water supply and demand scenarios could be integrated to ensure our community enjoys the same high-quality, reliable water system for the next 100 years.

Existing PFW Presentations:


May contain: plant, tree, lake, nature, outdoors, water, scenery, landscape, vegetation, wilderness, fir, land, woodland, pond, sky, and grove
Milton Lake (September 2023)


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