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NID GM Newsletter February 2024

A person with a chainsaw cutting a fallen tree over a creek.
Winter storms mean NID crews are on patrol to keep canals clear and flowing.

Welcome to the February edition of the General Manager’s Newsletter. Read on to learn about what is happening at the District this month.  

In this edition:

  • Unimpaired flows to the Bay-Delta threaten our water supply
  • Under the 55% unimpaired flow approach, Scotts Flat would be effectively at “dead pool”
  • NID Directors approve the naming of “Hoot Owl Lake
  • “Surplus water supply” declared; confirmation of an ample water supply for 2024
  • Storm damage cleanup in photos
  • Infrastructure: new short videos released:
    • Anatomy of a Powerhouse. This is something  you've never seen before. Come along for a tour inside the NID hydroelectric powerhouse at Dutch Flat.
    • Surveying Dams for Safety - “We used to just measure by stringline in the old days”
  • Plan for Water update: Strategic alternatives discussed in Nevada County Board of Supervisors presentation
  • Reservoir Levels 105% of average
  • NID snow survey for February: 55% of average water content (before the storms)



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