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NID 2020 Year in Review

Happy New Year to you and your family!

While COVID19 took its toll on our community, NID adjusted and continued to deliver water to our customers and made progress on a number of fronts.  Please find below, a compilation of projects and activities undertaken by NID during 2020.

Wishing you health and happiness in the new year.


When you turn on the tap, shower, soak your garden or flush the toilet, the water you need is there. It’s reliable and affordable because of the nearly 100 years of hard work by men and women of NID who’ve built and maintained our robust and sustainable water system.

We are dedicated to delivering water for life – water that supports the lifestyle, values and safety of our community. Our forward-thinking approach to watershed management and conservation helps sustain a healthy environment. When wildfire strikes, NID reservoirs and infrastructure are prepped to assist firefighting efforts.


Long Ravine Campground receives major upgrades

 Long Ravine Campground on Rollins Reservoir received a new drinking water system to replace its 55-year old system. NID crews installed 1.41 miles of new pipe, two new storage tanks and filter.

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