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Meeting wrap: new policy directs all committee meetings to be videotaped

January 22, 2020

Nevada Irrigation District (NID) Directors established a new District policy to enhance documentation of committee meetings, during their Jan. 22 meeting. Present were President Ricki Heck, Vice President Chris Bierwagen, Scott Miller, Laura Peters and Nick Wilcox.

In the future, all standing committee meetings will be videotaped with recordings retained as a permanent record. Action minutes will be the format of the written minutes to avoid possible conflicting information, and the documentation will be posted to the NID website for two years.

Establishing the proposed policy is in alignment with Goal No. 4 of the District’s Strategic Plan, as it supports integrating technologies and practices that enhance efficiency and reliability. Read more about the District’s new Policy 5065 – minutes for committee meetings here.

NID’s four standing committees are: the Administrative Practices Committee; Engineering Committee; Water & Hydroelectric Operations Committee; and Maintenance and Resources Management Committee.

The General Manager reported District water storage is 200,035 acre-feet, which is 74 percent of maximum capacity or 105 percent of a seven-year average for the water year. Precipitation (as measured at Bowman Lake) at 28.7 inches is 10 inches behind average for this time of year.

The next regular meeting of the NID Board of Directors will be held at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020 at the NID Business Center located at 1036 West Main Street, Grass Valley. NID Board meetings are open to the public.

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