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Damaged infrastructure impacts NID water supply

Severe damage to infrastructure owned by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) at Lake Spaulding has effectively cut off water supplies to NID.

The situation will impact deliveries to all NID customers (raw water and treated water customers in Nevada and Placer counties) and have severe effects on lake levels and recreation opportunities this summer. Also, hydroelectric generation will be affected by the water restrictions.

The District is currently requesting voluntary 20 percent conservation by all customers. The lack of access to normal watershed runoff means the District will need to rely upon limited water storage to begin the irrigation season, which started on April 15. Conserving water will allow supplies to remain in Rollins and Scotts Flat reservoirs. 

Check back to this webpage for frequent updates to this situation.

April 24, 2024: Board of Directors Q&A workshop with a PG&E representative:

A scenic view of a blue lake surrounded by forested hills under a clear sky, with a dam on the right side.
Rollins Lake, May 10, 2024, 99%

Read the questions of the Directors to PG&E with responses

The video of the workshop is also on YouTube, click here (starts at 41:32 minutes)

Photos to chronicle the drawdown of Rollins Reservoir

Each week NID will post photos of Rollins Reservoir with water capacity information in order to provide a visual of the drawdown. Click here for the photo gallery 

Update for April 10, 2024 Board of Directors situation workshop:

A serene lake with a dam surrounded by forested hills under a clear blue sky.
Rollins Lake, April 19, 101%
  • General Manager Jennifer Hanson gives an update to PG&E timeline for repairs and implications to the NID water supply - Watch the worskhop video (start time 1:28:18)
  • Voluntary raw water conservation tally - As of April 10, 136 raw water customers have voluntarily reduced their water use, saving 238 miner's inches, or 2,500 acre-feet: "We appreciate our customers' efforts so far. The response has been good; we encourage people to keep it up," Chip Close, Director of Operations, told the Board during the April 10 meeting. 


NID has prepared material to keep the community informed:

  • What is the issue?
  • Background - what has happened
  • What flows are cut off?
  • Impacts to NID?
  • What will happen at Rollins Reservoir?
  • What will happen at Scotts Flat Reservoir?
  • What’s the timeframe for the PG&E repairs?
  • NID is calling for conservation?


Distribution Canals and customers impacted (from a "Plan for Water" presentation)

These maps show the canals and neighborhoods that will be impacted by the situation


News Releases:

NID to implement conservation measures after PG&E infrastructure emergency  

(Grass Valley, March 22, 2024) Due to unanticipated infrastructure repairs in the Sierra Nevada headwaters that have cut off water supply, the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) will be implementing emergency conservation measures. This is a call for a voluntary water reduction of 20 percent by all District water customers for the remainder of 2024.

NID’s Annual Mulch Magic Giveaway is April 27 -  free mulch available for pick-up

(Grass Valley, March 27, 2024) - The Nevada Irrigation District (NID) will provide free mulch available to local residents for pick up on a first-come, first-served basis on April 27 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Mulch Magic is part of the District’s continuing efforts to promote conscientious water use and conservation.

NID cuts flows in the Bear River

(Grass Valley, March 8, 2024) The Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is immediately cutting flows in the Bear River due to unexpected maintenance work in the headwaters, which provide the District’s water supplies. As a result, there will be a noticeable decrease of water in the system, specifically within the Bear River. NID, however, will continue to meet its current regulatory ramping rates and obligations.

GM Newsletter

GM Newslsetter April

  • Water shortage emergency declared; the District has created a webpage with updates and downloadable information
  • Irrigation season begins, voluntary conservation requested
  • New! Maintaining the South Yuba Canal video (2:52 minutes) with incredible views and a clear perspective of what it takes to work on the canal 

GM Newsletter March

  • NID declares water shortage emergency; call for water conservation after PG&E suffers significant infrastructure damage
  • Water efficiency tips: now’s the time to fix a leak
  • Reservoir Levels 102% of average
NID Conservation Information

NID Water Use Efficiency webpage








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