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Board Meeting Wrap: long-time employees recognized; Directors approve notification of deliquencies for raw water customers

During the Feb. 10 meeting, NID’s Board of Directors recognized 10 employees for their long-time service. Directors also directed staff to start the delinquency notification process for seasonal raw water customers who haven’t paid their water bills.


Service awards:  10 employees were recognized for their long-term service to the District. Click here to see the list. 


In other action, Directors directed staff to start the  notification process for delinquent raw water accounts. They noted the District would not shut off water for those receiving service, but would not turn on water in the future until payments were made or customers work with NID to develop payment plans..

Last year, in accordance with Gov. Newsom’s April 2, 2020 order to protect citizens’ right to drinking water during the COVID-19 emergency, NID suspended customer turn-offs and all delinquent fees for the duration of the emergency. At the time, the Directors passed a resolution that was not specific in the type of water service protected.


During the Feb. 10 meeting, staff was seeking clarification if the intent of the resolution was to include treated water customers, as well seasonal agricultural water service. Since the adoption of the resolution, 286 seasonal agricultural water accounts have yet to pay for their 2020 irrigation water, despite multiple reminders and full deliveries for the 2020 season. The amount of delinquencies is about $190,000 Normally staff would notify these customers that their account was delinquent, and at risk of becoming inactive and ineligible for future irrigation water until payment is made or the customers enter a payment plan with the District.

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The interim General Manager reported District water storage is 172,758 acre-feet, which is 64 percent of maximum capacity and 87 percent of an eight-year average. Precipitation (as measured at Bowman Lake) is 58 percent of average at 29.48 inches.

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