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A letter to the community from Board President Ricki Heck: NID takes steps to keep the water flowing and ease hardships of COVID-19 pandemic

April 27, 2020

The Nevada Irrigation District is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on our community. We know these are trying times, and want to reassure our 25,000 customers and the community that we are here to help, in some way, ease your burden and stress around water delivery.

Over 200 NID women and men work hard every day to deliver our commitment of water to you. They too are “essential employees,” deserving of recognition and our thanks. These employees are working round-the-clock, 24/7, to ensure the operations of our water systems are secure; for our region, economy and public health and safety.

Throughout this pandemic, NID continues to provide 100% of water deliveries to both raw water and drinking water customers. The state and federal government, NID and our entire community consider water delivery systems and reservoir operations essential services, critical infrastructure, and are indispensable to our way of life.

Our employees continue to work through this health crisis to ensure your water is treated and maintained to the highest quality of standards. NID’s state-of-the-art treatment facilities and processes are designed to eliminate harmful pathogens, including harmful bacteria and viruses. Rest assured your water is safe to drink.

In order to facilitate our financial commitment, we are taking several actions to ease your burden during this time.

First, NID has reconnected all of our customers to the systems and will not disconnect anyone for any reason; we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our community. The District is focused on working with those customers who are experiencing financial hardships as the novel coronavirus continues to disrupt daily life. Our customer service team is standing by and ready to work with customers to develop payment plans as appropriate to meet your budgetary constraints.

NID has also suspended all delinquency/late payment fees during the pandemic. At NID, we realize that giving the gift of time is a value worthy of our relationship.

After the pandemic lets up and community businesses begin to reopen, NID will “re-energize” the water systems in those buildings that have sat dormant, at no cost to the customer. Facilitating the vibrancy of your business in its re-opening is of utmost importance to our community’s economic health.

Our goal here is to support our community and help to reduce some of the financial burdens people are experiencing during this uncertain time. We will continue these actions until further notice. If you have questions, please contact our customer-service representatives. You will get a ‘live’ helpful person on the phone.

We recognize that during this difficult time, there are many uncertainties. We want to reassure all of our customers and community members that you can rely on NID to deliver clean drinking water, plentiful irrigation water, and clean renewable power every day. NID remains committed to serving you and our community, just as we have for nearly 100 years.

Be safe and stay well,

Ricki Heck, Nevada Irrigation District Board President

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