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2023 Resolutions

2023-01 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings.pdf2023-02 Annual Disclosure of Reimbursement to Employees and Directors.pdf2023-03 Resolution of Appreciation-Hobbs.pdf2023-04 Authorizing Investment Monies in LAIF.pdf2023-05 Update to Administrative Policy 3035 - Investments.pdf2023-06 Addition of GIS Analyst I-II Job Description.pdf2023-07 2023 Fund 55 Capital Budget Amendment-Architectural Services Award-Whitcomb Property.pdf2023-08 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB361.pdf2023-09 Placing in Nomination Jennifer Hanson as Member of ACWA Region 3.pdf2023-10 Updating Job Title and Job Description - Budget Analyst.pdf2023-11 Rescinding Res. 2022-29 and Declaring Surplus Water Conditions for 2023.pdf2023-12 2023 Collection Agreement Between NID and USFS.pdf2023-13 Establish Administrative Policy 11120 - Grant Management.pdf2023-14 Establishing Administrative Polcy 8300- Plan for Water.pdf2023-15 Authorizing the Approval for Contract for the Bear River Wildfire Recovery Project #2651.pdf2023-16 Authorizing Amendment to the FY 2023 CIP Budget .pdf2023-17 Adopting Strategic Plan.pdf2023-18 Live Scan Enrollment.pdf2023-19 Fund 15 Capital Budget Amendment and Award of Construction Contract for Administration Building Ramp Repair Project #2504.pdf2023-20 Resolution of Appreciation-P.Robinson.pdf2023-21 Establishing Threshold for Reporting Leases and SBITA's with GASB.pdf2023-22 Replacement of Asset H5498 and Budget Amendment.pdf2023-23 Approving 1.5 Flatbed Truck Purhchase and Budget Amendment.pdf2023-24 Approving Dump Truck Purchases and Budget Amendment.pdf2023-25 Nominating Jennifer Hanson as BOD Member of ACWA Region 3.pdf2023-26 Authorizing Special Tax Levy-Cement Hill 2023-24.pdf2023-27 Authorizing Special Assessment Levy-Rodeo Flat 2023-24.pdf2023-28 Resolution of Appreciation-Chen.pdf2023-29 Purchase of Truck and Budget Amendment.pdf2023-30 Placing Delinquent Accounts on District Assessment Roll for Collection-Nevada Co..pdf2023-31 Requesting Collection of Charges on Tax Roll 2023-2024-Placer Co..pdf2023-32 Updating Admin Policy - Budget Policy.pdf2023-33 Establishing Administrative Policy 11130 - Financial Close.pdf2023-34 Quagga-Zebra Mussel Prevention Grant Program_Scotts Flat-Rollins.pdf2023-35 Quazza-Zebra Mussel Prevention Grant Program_Combie-DeerCkDiv.pdf2023-36 Award Multi-Yr Consulting Contract-Dam Safety Support Services.pdf2023-37 Award Contract-Jackson Lake Dam Toe-Channel Banks Protection and Budget Amendment.pdf2023-38 Approve Mid-Year Budget Amendment.pdf2023-39 Quagga and Zebra Mussel Infestation Prevention Grant Program Tier 2 – .pdf2023-40 Quagga and Zebra Mussel Infestation Prevention Grant Program Tier 2 –.pdf2023-41 Resolution of Appreciation-Uchida.pdf2023-42 Approving Application for Grant Funds Sierra Nevada Conservancy's Wildfire Recovery Forest Resilience Upper Middle Yuba estoration NEPA Planning Project.pdf2023-43 2023 Fund 55 Capital Budget Amendment and Approval of DSOD Scotts Flat Spillway Repair and Upgrades.pdf2023-44 Resolution of Appreciation-Rutter.pdf2023-45 Approve Budget Amendment, Const. Contract, Change Order-Hemphill Diversion.pdf2023-46 Amending the 2023 CIP Budget.pdf2023-47 Update to Administrative Policy 3200-Claims Against the District.pdf2023-48 Authorizing MOU-Changes in Wages, Hours, Terms and Conditions-Represented.pdf2023-49 Adopting the 2024 Budget and Capital Improvement Plan.pdf2023-50 Establishing Benefit and Compensation Plans, and Authorizing Changes in Wages, Hours, and Terms and Conditions of Employment for Unrepresented Employees.pdf2023-51 NID Position-Compensation Effective 1-1-2024.pdf2023-52 Establishing Administrative Policy -11140-Accounts Receivable Write-Offs.pdf2023-53 Authorizing Write-Offs.pdf2023-54 Establishing Benefit and Compensatin Plans, and Authorizing Changes in Wages, Hours, and Terms and Conditions of Employment for Dept Directors.pdf
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