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Watersheds added as a discussion point in NID’s Plan for Water process

Next public meeting is Dec. 7 via teleconference


In its planning for water resources in the future, the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) will add a focused discussion on watersheds.

This will become one of 10 stages being addressed in the District’s Plan for Water, which is looking at available water supply and different demands to determine the best ways to manage the community’s water over the coming decades. Key to the process is public input and participation.

“Adding watersheds as a new stage in Plan for Water will allow us to have a thorough public discussion about their vital role. This will contribute to the planning of how to manage our water resources in the future,” said Jennifer Hanson, NID’s General Manager.

Watersheds were already included in the process, but upon stakeholder urging, the District decided to break them out into a separate stage for emphasized discussion.

The Dec. 7 meeting will begin at 3 p.m. via teleconference. Click here for the agenda and link to the Zoom meeting. 

In all, the Plan for Water process will take about 18 months and include 10 stages:

  • Stage 1: Water System Overview
  • Stage 2: Water Rights Overview
  • Stage 3: Watersheds
  • Stage 4: Strategic Planning
  • Stage 5: Basis for Plan for Water
  • Stage 6: Hydrology and Hydrography
  • Stage 7: Demand
  • Stage 8: Water Supply Needs
  • Stage 9: Strategy Options
  • Stage 10: Strategy Evaluation

Read more, click here.

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