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Watershed Sanitary Survey 2021

Click here to view the Watershed Sanitary Survey 2021


  • Report prepared by Starr Consulting and Palencia Consulting Engineers
  • Conducted jointly with Placer County Water Agency
  • Study period was January 2016 through December 2020
  • Surface Water Treatment Rules require public water systems to conduct update to watershed sanitary survey of all surface water supplies every five years, this is a regulatory compliance document
  • Last update was completed in January 2017


Objectives of 2021 Update:

  • Fulfill SWTR and IESWTR (required every five years); identify significant changes in past five years and comment on appropriate level of treatment for pathogens at the water treatment plants
  • Review and evaluate selected water quality constituents of interest in raw and treated water to assess ability to meet current and future standards at each water treatment plant (WTP)
  • Review and evaluate selected potential contaminating activities to identify potential impacts on source water quality
  • Develop practical and feasible recommendations to protect and possibly improve source water quality and treatment
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