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Water Efficiency Landscaping Tips for Summer

There are several ways to improve water efficiency with your landscaping with a few changes in your landscape and pasture/crop management. It is a good habit to practice water conservation which also can be healthier for your plants and soil. Ways to conserve water outdoors:

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  • Know your plants watering needs and don’t over water. Over-watering can make your plants susceptible to fungus and other pests and diseases.
  • Native plants require little to no additional water once established.
  • Plant your flowers and plants in groupings as to their water and sunlight needs.
  • Container plants can dry out quickly, but plants in the ground typically like more in frequent, yet deeper watering.
  • Schedule watering on alternating days instead of daily.
  • Use a soil moisture probe to help you determine when plants need water (can be purchased at lawn and garden stores).
  • Alternate days with your lawn sprinklers and water at night to minimize evaporation losses
  • Apply mulch around trees and plants to keep the soil cool and retain moisture
  • Avoid overspray from sprinklers onto sidewalk, patios and driveways and avoid any run off from your property into local streams
  • Check your irrigation system for leaks
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