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The Nov. 8 Plan for Water workshop has been canceled

The Nov. 8 Plan for Water workshop has been canceled. The next workshop is scheduled for Dec. 13.

Please note: the December 13 meeting will merge the Nov. 8 agenda -- Stage 6 (Basis for Plan for Water) -- with the first session of Stage 7 (Hydrology and Hydrography).

Stage 6 - Basis for Plan for Water

In this stage we seek to develop consensus on a number of considerations, including the PFW planning horizon, frequency of PFW updates, how staff and the Board will utilize the PFW, and to define a clear set of assumptions to be utilized in the modeling of data. 

Stage 7 – Hydrology and Hydrography (estimated. 3 months)

This stage will seek to determine design assumptions, principles and standards of data-driven modeling as it relates to the hydrology and hydrography of NID’s water systems while reconfirming previous efforts of FERC re-licensing models and determining appropriate climate and drought scenario analysis.

Stakeholder involvement: In this stage, stakeholders will provide input on the hydrology and hydrography model design assumptions, principles and standards. Stakeholders will also provide input regarding the adequacy and accuracy of previous FERC modeling efforts as well as climate change and drought related scenario development.

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