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Q: 1:40:41 Stewart Feldman: Could you compare the value/utility of surface storage (reservoirs) with underground storage (recharging the aquifer) for sustainable supply downstream (where the urban demand is growing)?

A: 1:40:59 (Jennifer Hanson) It's a great question. Unfortunately we have lower utility in the mountainous areas with a hard rock for groundwater storage than you would in the in the basin, but I think that the utility is definitely increased in these scenarios because it provides you more opportunities for storage and operating a conjunctive use system between your reservoirs your groundwater basin

Comment: Molly Nakahara Sierra Harvest: According to the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, every 1% of soil organic matter results in as much as 25,000 gallons of available soil water per acre. Another great reason to prioritize irrigation water for our farmers and ranchers, who are masters of increasing soil organic matter!

Q: 1:56:08 Stewart Feldman: How does the “El Nino effect” affect the precipitation in our region?

A: 1:56:27 (David Curtis – presenter) It does and it doesn't. El Nino for us is kind of a marginal impact one way or the other. We can get big floods during the El Nino and we can get drier periods during El Nino. Some of our biggest floods are in the other end La Nina. But then we've also had major events during “La Nada.” One of the challenges has been with weather modeling specifically with climate change

Q: 2:20:42 Stewart Feldman: Will the PG&E divestiture of canals, reservoirs and hydro facilities to NID & PCWA be included in the risk analysis and strategic plan?

A: 2:21:02 (Jennifer Hanson) I just want to make clear for the public -- because this does keep coming up --PG&E is currently only divesting of the infrastructure in NID's territory that is already under agreement to take, and that is the South Yuba Canal. There are no actual plans for them to divest Spaulding or that whole upper system. If they were to do that, then we would definitely take that into account doing any long-term planning that would include us taking or acquiring someone else's infrastructure.
Probably would not be worth our time at this point just because of the unknowns of when they're going to do. But we would be ready to jump on it if they wanted to sell.

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