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Plan for Water continues on Feb. 8 with a water rights workshop

Join us for a February 8 teleconferenced workshop to help plan our community's water future. Scheduled is an overview of water rights currently held by NID, including locations, year of seniority and current usage.

Remember, in California, no one owns the water. But water rights are a legal entitlement authorizing water to be diverted from a specified source and put to beneficial use.

The Plan for Water discussion will include:

  • Part 1: Surface Water Rights 101
  • Part 2: Pending NID Water Right Proceedings
  • Part 3: NID’s Water Rights

Your participation will help determine the best ways to meet the community’s demand for water over the next 50 years. We look forward to hearing from you


Meeting information: 

Feb. 8 at 4 p.m. (time certain): click here for the teleconferencing workshop agenda and presentation

The Zoom link appears on the agenda or here:

To join audio using telephone: (669) 900-6833 or (346) 248-7799 or (253) 215 8782

Webinar ID: 836 1579 1983

NID looks forward to hearing from the public and working together to develop strategic options that reflect a balanced mix of community perspectives to guide the District’s water management into the future.

In all, the Plan for Water process will take about 18 months and include 10 stages:

  • Stage 1: Water System Overview
  • Stage 2: Water Rights Overview
  • Stage 3: Watersheds
  • Stage 4: Strategic Planning
  • Stage 5: Basis for Plan for Water
  • Stage 6: Hydrology and Hydrography
  • Stage 7: Demand
  • Stage 8: Water Supply Needs
  • Stage 9: Strategy Options
  • Stage 10: Strategy Evaluation

Read more, click here.

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