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Outage: South Yuba Canal

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(Dec. 12, 2023) NID’s primary conveyance, the South Yuba Canal, has had to be temporarily shut down for repairs. There was no disruption in water delivery for customers.

During the Week of Dec. 11, NID’s Hydro crews replaced two badly damaged girders on a stretch of canal upstream of Highway 20.

The damage was discovered during a routine inspection and it was determined that replacements needed to be made before snow began in order to ensure water delivery could be maintained. 

The repairs were complicated by the fact that the work took place several stories above the ground, there were two damaged girders in a row, and the remote nature of the work location required support from a helicopter. 

“We have been planning for situations like this for several years now,” said Director of Power, Systems Keane Sommers. “While it is impossible to plan for everything that will go wrong on a system that is nearly 120 years old, NID crews were able to quickly respond to this situation and make the necessary repairs with minimal disturbance to our customers.”

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