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Orr Creek Reservoir Cleaning Project


The Nevada Irrigation District (the District) proposes to implement the Orr Creek Reservoir Cleaning and Infrastructure Improvement Project (Proposed Project or Project), which includes cleaning the Orr Creek Reservoir to restore it to its original storage capacity, as well as implementation of repairs and improvements to the dam and related infrastructure.

Orr Creek Reservoir is located just north of the City of Auburn, Placer County, California, at an elevation of 1,260 feet above mean sea level (msl). The reservoir is located on District-owned property (approximately 30 acres) and is surrounded by privately owned rural residential properties.  The Project area is accessible via Highway 49 to Lorenson Road.  From Highway 49, turn east on Lorenson Road.  After approximately 0.43 mile, continue straight on Edwards Lane.  After approximately 0.07 mile, take the first right off Edwards Lane.  This private gravel access road leads to a District gate and continues to the south shore of Orr Creek Reservoir.

Since the Orr Creek Dam was constructed, silt and sediment have deposited in the reservoir, resulting in a significant reduction in its water storage capacity from the designed 10.3 acre-feet to an estimated current capacity of 3–4 acre-feet. The District proposes to:

  • Remove an estimated 10,000 cubic yards of accumulated sediment from the reservoir and restore a portion of its original 27 acre-feet of storage capacity;
  • Repair and improve the dam infrastructure including repairing cracks that have formed in the concrete dam structure;
  • Replace and realign the diversion pipe to the Gold Hill I Canal to increase efficiency and improve access for the District personnel; and
  • Add a low-level outlet at the base of the dam through which water could be released downstream into Orr Creek to maintain the storage capacity of the dam and improve downstream aquatic habitats.

Therefore, the purpose of the Project is to improve the efficiency of the District’s raw water delivery systems by restoring the storage capacity of the reservoir and improving the reliability and safety of the associated dam and water delivery infrastructure.  The project is planned for likely start in 2020.

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