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NID turns 100 years old

The Nevada Irrigation District is celebrating a milestone in 2021, as we enter our 100th year of operation. It’s our anniversary and we want to celebrate with you all year long!


Throughout the past century, we have grown and evolved aside our neighborhoods and ag community. And we are so proud to have established ourselves as your trusted water district.

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A crew works on the Drescher Flume near Chicago Park in 1926.

The technology has evolved since starting with flumes and canals built during the Gold Rush to deliver water to the mines, but basically we have stuck to what has proved to be reliable – tapping the pure snowmelt of the high Sierra and channeling it to your homes, businesses and fields and farms.


Of course, the devil is in the details. And that’s what this blog is about. Throughout the year, we will explore the intricacies of how water gets to you. It is an enormous effort. And to tell the story, we will spotlight the men and women who work hard to make sure when you turn on the tap or crank a valve, the water flows.


So how do we plan to celebrate this anniversary year?


A family enjoys an outing at Bowman Lake in 1897.

Later this year the District will issue a full-color book telling the story of NID. The book will be available as a soft-bound volume, as well as a digital version. The public will be able to view and download the digital format on our website.


Stay tuned: COVID-19 has muted our plans for activities at this point, but further information will be announced throughout the year. Learn more at



On August 5, 1921 a public election was held with voters favoring the new district by a margin of 536-163.. Nevada County Supervisors authorized the new district and 10 days following the election, on August 15, 1921,

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