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NID to implement conservation measures after PG&E infrastructure emergency

Aerial view of a dam with a reservoir surrounded by forested hills.
Rollins Reservoir

(Grass Valley, March 22, 2024) Due to unanticipated infrastructure repairs in the Sierra Nevada headwaters that have cut off water supply, the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) will be implementing emergency conservation measures. This is a call for a voluntary water reduction of 20 percent by all District water customers for the remainder of 2024.

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has informed NID of substantial repairs necessary to its water supply infrastructure that serves water to both Nevada and Placer counties. Repairs have begun, but the utility estimates restoration of flows is not anticipated until mid-June.

“The lack of access to normal watershed runoff means NID will have to rely upon limited water storage to begin the irrigation season,” said General Manager Jennifer Hanson. “This reduced supply has created an emergency where conservation will be requested from all water customers.”

The situation will impact deliveries to District customers, as well as have severe effects on lake levels and recreation opportunities this summer. Also, hydroelectric generation will be affected by the water restrictions.

The irrigation season is scheduled to begin on April 15; however, NID asks irrigation customers to forgo water usage as long as possible. The District is also asking raw water customers to voluntarily reduce their purchase allotment for the 2024 irrigation season.

During this event, some key points to note include:

  • Raw water customers who voluntarily and formally reduce purchase allotment will receive a credit adjustment based on reduced purchase
  • Customers who voluntarily and formally reduce use will not lose priority of purchase allotment in future years
  • There will be no increased irrigation water sales for 2024
  • Fall water sales will not be available
  • Winter water is only available to those who purchased water in 2023.

PG&E has notified NID that repairs to its facilities are estimated to be completed by June 8. Any delay in the repair schedule will lead to future mandatory water restrictions from NID.

“NID will continue to work with PG&E to ensure expedited repairs and recovery of flows. In the meantime, your efforts for conservation are greatly appreciated,” Hanson said.

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