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NID to conduct testing of Rollins powerhouse – expect increased flows and water levels on Wednesday (updated)

During a Wednesday, April 7 test of the Rollins powerhouse, the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) will temporarily increase water flows from its Rollins Reservoir, down the Bear River to Combie Reservoir.

The 24-hour test will begin during the early morning on Wednesday, April 7 with flows ramping up from 27 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 500 cfs, depending on weather conditions. Once reaching the heightened levels, the flows will be allowed to recede.

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Combie Reservoir

In addition to increased flows, we can expect to see water depths fluctuate along the Bear River, from the current low of six-inches in depth to an increase of up to 3 feet before receding again.

The California Independent System Operators Group mandates routine testing of the Rollins powerhouse.  NID must adhere to FERC ramping rates and coordinates the release with Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

NID urges the public to take safety precautions along the Bear River and at Combie Reservoir during this time. Water levels may become noticeably higher with stronger flows during these hours, although the releases will happen gradually, starting late Tuesday evening and ramping down on Wednesday night, depending on weather.

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