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NID restricts campfires in campgrounds to reduce wildfire risk

(June 6, 2022) Fire use restrictions will go into effect Tuesday, June 7, at foothill recreational facilities owned and operated by the Nevada Irrigation District (NID).

Due to the drought, dry conditions and escalating temperatures, campfires will be prohibited in developed campgrounds around Scotts Flat Reservoir and Rollins Reservoir.

Under the rules, campfires and open fires fueled by wood or charcoal are prohibited. Propane-fueled portable cooking stoves are still allowed at this time.

May contain: camping, person, human, tent, mountain tent, and leisure activities

“Our goal is to keep everyone safe,” said NID Recreation Manager Monica Reyes. “With the current drought and dry conditions, fires caused by abandoned or escaped campfires pose a greater threat to our forests and community.”

The fire restrictions include these campgrounds:

  • Scotts Flat Campground
  • Orchard Springs Campground
  • Long Ravine Campground
  • Peninsula Campground

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