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NID Receives Two Grants – Funding for Fire Fuels Reduction and Meadow Restoration

October 15, 2020

The Nevada Irrigation District (NID) announced today it has received a $145,000 Cal Fire grant for fire fuels reduction at Rollins Reservoir and a second, $1.2 million grant has been awarded, pending CEQA and other permitting, from the Wildlife Conservation Board to continue restoration at English Meadow, within the headwaters of the Yuba River in the Tahoe National Forest.

The Cal Fire grant has been received and work will soon begin to treat 103 high priority acres adjacent to Rollins Reservoir. This is a critical area within the rural-residential area of Nevada County, often called the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). Wildfire is a significant concern for District facilities and neighboring residential communities, and these roads are critical for ingress and egress, especially during an evacuation. The project will also expand treated area adjacent to the You Bet Fire Wise Community of Nevada County and is synergistic with local residents’ fire risk reduction efforts on nearby private lands.

The Wildlife Conservation Board grant builds on four years of NID’s planning activities and a 2018 grant received from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy to develop a Forest Management Plan for English Meadow. The new grant will implement the English Meadow Floodplain Enhancement and Restoration Project through climate-smart restoration by: improving forest health and wildfire resilience, improving and protecting montane meadow and aquatic habitats, and improving downstream water security and quality.

English Meadow is a 180-acre meadow in the headwaters of the Middle Yuba River. Since 2016, NID has funded and engaged the work of an interdisciplinary team in the fields of biology, forestry, botany, geology, archeology and geomorphology, including researchers from Sacramento State University, restoration experts, and NID staff. This team has conducted pre-project surveys, including: flora, fauna, geologic assessments, ground water monitoring and capacity surveys, archeology, and other assessments of the meadow.

The Nevada Irrigation District manages thousands of acres of watershed lands and practices healthy forest stewardship. NID works with partners and seeks grants to implement forest projects, restore mountain meadows, and improve aquatic habitat. These efforts also result in increased water yield, better water quality, and help to reduce wildfire threats and potential impacts. NID’s goal is to improve the resiliency and sustainability of the watersheds in our care. We deliver water for the environment.

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