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NID Plan for Water Update (Oct. 22, 2021)

Thank you for your interest in the Nevada Irrigation District's Plan for Water (PFW) process.

Here's the latest news: NID refined and better defined the PFW outreach process during its Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, Oct. 21.

During the meeting, General Manager Jennifer Hanson and NID Directors stressed public participation is paramount, and the PFW process will focus on stakeholder inclusion.

“This process will be flexible and welcoming to all,“ Hanson said, noting “a stakeholder is anyone who is interested. We want everyone to come and participate as much as they want.”

What’s new?

  • Updated planning matrix (presented Oct. 21): click here.
  • Meeting staff report: click here.
  • Meeting video: watch the entire Oct. 21 meeting here. The PFW discussion begins at 52:34.

How you can get involved

The Plan for Water kickoff meeting is at 4 pm on Nov. 9 at NID's main office at 1036 W. Main Street in Grass Valley. The topic will be an overview of the NID’s water system (Stage 1)

Check out the PFW webpage for more information. Click here.


The Plan for Water process is a comprehensive review of NID’s available water supply and the long-term impacts on varying water demands. The Plan itself will consist of a suite of possible supply and demand management strategies to address a range of future conditions. When complete, the PFW will show how future water supply and demand scenarios may be integrated to ensure the community enjoys the same high-quality, reliable water system it has now and for the past 100 years.


The Plan for Water process is comprised of nine stages:

  • Stage 1: System Overview
  • Stage 2: Water Rights Overview
  • Stage 3: Strategic Planning
  • Stage 4: Basis for Plan for Water
  • Stage 5: Hydrology and Hydrography
  • Stage 6: Demand
  • Stage 7: Supply
  • Stage 8: Strategy Options
  • Stage 9: Strategy Evaluation.
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