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NID Launches New Website - Simplicity and All Abilities Access Improved

 (Grass Valley, CA February 1, 2021) – The Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is pleased to announce that it launched its new website today. The host, Streamline, built and hosts the platform specifically to meet the needs of special districts.

The simplicity of use, accessibility and regulatory compliance considerations that the platform offers sold NID on using Streamline. NID’s new website has a much fresher look and should be easier for customers and other interested parties to navigate.

NIDs new branding has been incorporated including the new 100 year anniversary logo and the “Water for Life” theme. NID delivers water for life, agriculture, recreation, and power for the regional economy.

Regulatory compliance, transparency and ensuring accessibility for people of all abilities is made easy with the new platform. In fact, it was built from the ground up to meet all of the regulatory requirements that special districts must now meet. Streamline continually updates and audits all functionality for all users.

NID encourages all of its customers to navigate to and take a look at NID’s new face. While NID does not expect any snags, the initial days of any new website can deliver surprises and we ask for patience should this happen.

For nearly 100 years, The Nevada Irrigation District has been delivering high quality drinking water to our customers in Nevada, Placer, and Yuba counties. NID water originates as snow melt found in 70,000 acres of high elevation watershed near the headwaters of the Yuba River, Bear River and Deer Creek. NID stores water in 27 reservoirs later moving it through one of seven treatment plants and hundreds of miles of canal and pipe to become drinking and irrigation water for 25,000 homes, farms and businesses.  The annual result is three billion gallons of high quality drinking water for our customers and 30,000 acres of irrigated land. We deliver water for life.

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