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NID Board of Directors Accepts Water Planning Projections – Looks to Future Planning Efforts to Continue Dialogue

November 18, 2020

The Nevada Irrigation Board of Directors received a presentation from staff and its consultant, HDR, regarding how the Water Planning Projections were developed. The focus of the presentation was on how the model made predictions about NID’s water supply and future demand and what assumptions were used in the development of the Technical Memoranda.

Having received a number of comments from the public on the Water Planning Projections, the staff stressed that the model, used to produce the Technical Memorandum, is a dynamic tool with assumptions that can be changed or updated when new planning efforts are undertaken. It is expected that the next planning effort will be the Urban and Agricultural Water Management Plans required by the State to be submitted next year.

The District’s mission is to provide a dependable, quality water supply; continue to be good stewards of the watersheds, while conserving the available resources in our care.

In keeping with its mission, NID is committed to using best practices and good stewardship as it seeks to understand future water supply conditions and customer demand. Projecting future conditions is a dynamic process and the models used will be updated on a regular basis to reflect trends, constraints, and needs as it relates to the District’s service area, infrastructure, and policies.

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