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Nevada Irrigation District turns 100 years old

(Grass Valley, CA JANUARY 4, 2021) – Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is celebrating a milestone in 2021, as the District enters its 100th year of operation.

NID is poised to commemorate its anniversary with events, a new website (coming soon) and special features throughout the year, although celebrations will be adjusted due to COVID-19 pandemic.

For starters, the District has unveiled an anniversary logo, which enhances its long-time icon with a ribbon noting the years of service, 1921 and 2021.

“As we unveil this logo in recognition of NID’s 100 year anniversary, we acknowledge the astonishing foresight of the local pioneers and community members who established the District,” said Interim General Manager Greg Jones. “We also would like to acknowledge the successive dedicated work throughout the years by District leaders, board directors, employees and citizens of the Sierra Nevada foothills.”

Among the highlights of this anniversary year, NID is publishing a full-color history book detailing the milestones and telling the story of the District through the past 100 years. The book will be released during the summer, and will be available as a soft-bound volume, as well as a digital version, which will be able to be viewed and downloaded on the NID website.

Additional celebration activities are planned, including tours of a District water treatment plant, as well as watershed health and other important community projects. Also, NID’s new website will feature a blog spotlighting interesting topics, historic photos and fun facts.

Stay tuned: further information will be announced throughout the year. Learn more at

NID started as a dream of local residents. During the early 1900s, Kate Church, astride her horse high on a mountaintop, looked upon rushing, tumbling Sierra streams below. It was not a new sight. For many years she and her husband Bert Church had driven their cattle to lush mountain meadows from parched pastures miles away. This day, they envisioned a great irrigation system transporting life-giving water to dry, but fertile acres, bringing growth and prosperity.

Far into the summer night this pioneer woman and her husband made plans. As the last red embers of the campfire died away, Kate Church knew of a certainty that she must do and more important, how she could accomplish her purpose. The campaign to establish a local irrigation district would begin.

During a public election on August 5, 1921, voters recommended formation of the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) by a margin of 536-163. Nevada County Supervisors authorized the new District, and 10 days following the election, on August 15, 1921, the District officially formed. The District’s first board meeting occurred that day in Grass Valley’s Bret Harte Hotel.




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