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Lake Wildwood Water Safe Following Retardant Drop – Quick Action Prevented Impact to Drinking Water

August 19, 2020

(Grass Valley, CA August 18, 2020) – Nevada Irrigation District crews took quick action yesterday to ensure fire retardant from nearby firefighting efforts did not affect water entering its Lake Wildwood Treatment Plant.

Yesterday afternoon, NID became aware that fire retardant dropped on the nearby Jones fire was also released into one of its canals that delivers water to its Lake Wildwood Treatment Plant. Fortunately, NID crews were able to close the intake from the canal hours ahead of the impacted water reaching the plant. NID then accessed its back up supply of water stored at the plant allowing it to continue to treat and deliver high quality drinking water to its customers in the area. The impacted canal water was allowed to bypass the plant and no longer poses a threat.

“I am grateful that our crews were quick to recognize the situation and took proactive action that prevented any of the fire retardant from reaching our treatment plant. As a result there was never a significant threat to the Lake Wildwood drinking water supply.” stated Greg Jones, NID Interim General Manager.

NID’s routine quality assurance and reliability procedures were called on yesterday, successfully ensuring the delivery of safe, reliable drinking water to NID customers. NID continually tests the water entering and leaving its facilities to ensure state drinking water quality standards are met. To ensure reliability, NID keeps an abundant supply of water in storage to call on in such an emergency.

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