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Job Descriptions

Accountant I/II

Assistant/Associate Engineer (Registered)

Assistant General Manager

Assistant Maintenance Superintendent - Vegetation Control

Assistant Water Superintendent

Board Secretary

Business Service Technician I/II



Chief Water Treatment Operator

Communications Specialist I/II

Construction Inspection Supervisor

Construction Inspector I/II


Cross Connection Control Technician I/II

Customer Service Administrator

Customer Service Representative I/II

Customer Service Technician I/II

Dispatcher I/II

Electrical Systems Superintendent

Electrical Systems Technician I/II

Engineering Manager

Engineering Technician I/II

Environmental Resources Administrator

Environmental Resources Technician I/II

Equipment Mechanic I/II

Equipment Mechanic Supervisor

Equipment Operator

Equipment Service Worker

Executive Management Assistant

Facility Ranger

Finance Analyst

Finance Assistant I/II

Finance Manager

General Manager

GIS Technician I/II

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Representative I/II

Hydraulic Technician I/II

Hydro Electrical Machinist I/II

Hydroelectric Communication Technician I/II

Hydroelectric Compliance Administrator

Hydroelectric Compliance Analyst

Hydroelectric Compliance Technician I/II

Hydroelectric Generation Superintendent

Hydroelectric Generation Supervisor

Hydroelectric Maintenance Superintendent

Hydroelectric Maintenance Supervisor

Hydroelectric Maintenance Technician I/II

Hydroelectric Manager

Hydroelectric Plant Operator I/II

Hydroelectric Plant Operator I/II - Resident

Hydroelectric Systems Technician I/II

Hydroelectric Water Systems Operator I/II

Hydrographer I/II

Information Technology Administrator

Information Technology Analyst

Information Technology Technician

Land Surveyor

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Superintendent

Maintenance Supervisor

Management Assistant

Office Assistant I/II

Operations Administrator

Operations Technician I/II

Principal Engineer

Project Manager

Purchasing Supervisor

Records Management Assistant

Recreation Assistant I/II

Recreation Facility Superintedent

Recreation Manager

Right of Way Agent I/II

Safety Analyst

Safety Technician I/II

Senior Customer Service Representative

Senior Engineer (Registered)

Senior Engineer (Registered) - Dam Safety

Senior Engineering Technician

Senior Finance Assistant

Senior Hydro Electrical Machinist

Senior Hydroelectric Maintenance Technician

Senior Hydroelectric Plant Operator

Senior Hydroelectric Systems Technician

Senior Hydrographer

Senior Park Ranger

Senior Right of Way Agent

Senior Storekeeper

Senior Survey Technician

Senior Utility Worker

Senior Vegetation Control Worker

Senior Water Distribution Operator

Senior Welder


Survey Technician I/II

Treated Water Superintendent

Utility Worker I/II

Vegetation Control Worker I/II

Water Distribution Operator I/II

Water Distribution Supervisor

Water Efficiency Technician I/II

Water Operations Manager

Water Resources Superintendent

Water Superintendent

Water Treatment Operator I/II/III

Water Treatment Supervisor

Watershed Resources Planner

Welder I/II

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