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Jackson Meadows (elevation 6,045 feet)

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Jackson Meadows Dam and Lake is an instream reservoir on the Middle Yuba River. Nearby towns are Sierra City (5.72 miles) and Truckee (35 miles). 

Standing 195 feet high and 1,530 feet in length, the dam is an earth-rock fill dam. The reservoir has a capacity of 69,205 acre-feet.

The Dam was constructed in 1964-65 as part of the Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project, one of most complex hydropower systems in the state. The Project is the cornerstone of the District's operations, providing vital benefits to customers, the community, and the environment. 

Jackson Meadows Reservoir has a typical low level of 30,000-35,000 acre-feet with a minimum pool of 21,000 acre-feet during summer months and 3,000-10,000 acre-feet during the fall-spring, depending on the water year type.

May contain: nature, outdoors, reservoir, water, land, and sea

Water Rights: NID has storage rights for consumptive and non-consumptive uses at Jackson Meadows. Environmental flow requirements to the Middle Fork Yuba River are currently 5 cubic feet per second (CFS).

There is no onsite hydropower generation.

Recreation: Jackson Meadows offers a combined 282 camping sites spread out over eight different campgrounds on both sides of the lake. Recreation facilities: Silvertip, Aspen, East Meadows, Pass Creek, Pass Creek Overflow, Jackson Point Boat-in, Findley, Fir Top, and Woodcamp.

Roughly 30,000 people visit the reservoir and dam each year. Besides camping, the facility offers day use and boating (non-motorized and motorized). Anglers will find rainbow and brown trout, and hikers have access to a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail, which meanders along the east side of the lake.

Jackson Meadows is located in the Tahoe National Forest.

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