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Irrigation season begins on April 15

NID fills canals to kick off 2022 irrigation season

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(April 14, 2022) Irrigation season begins on April 15, and the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is pleased to get flows in its canals to support local agriculture and general irrigation.

The District maintains 500 miles of canals, and the raw water irrigates about 32,000 acres in Nevada and Placer counties. That water is used for diverse agricultural endeavors, ranging from irrigating pastures to growing crops, as well as family gardens.

Originating as snowmelt in the Sierra Nevada, the water is stored in NID reservoirs and then flows through the District’s infrastructure to area canals.

“We are excited get the system up and running again,” said Operations Manager Chip Close. “However, with the potential for substantial rains through the weekend, canal flows may fluctuate due to natural runoff and flooding concerns.”

What are NID customers growing with irrigation water?

The largest crops by acreage are irrigated pasture and family gardens/orchards (61 percent and 20 percent, respectively). Many of the District’s raw water customers have 10 acres or less of irrigated land.

Click here to see the “Top Crops” fact sheet for full details.

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