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Hemphill Diversion Structure Fish Passage Project

Hemphill Diversion Fish Passage Concept Design Meeting November 15, 2021:

Summary of Comments and Attendee list

Farmers Horizontal Screen use in Hemphill Canal (Memo-McMillen Jacobs, November  23, 2021)

Click here to view the video of the November 15, 2021 Draft Conceptual Design meeting 

Click the links below for the Hemphill Diversion Fish Passage DRAFT Conceptual Design Report:

Hemphill Diversion Fish Passage Project DRAFT Conceptual Design Report - November 2021.

Hemphill Diversion Fish Passage Project DRAFT Conceptual Design Plan Sheet

Project Description:

The Hemphill Diversion Structure is located on Auburn Ravine northeast of the City of Lincoln in Placer County.  The structure diverts water from Auburn Ravine into the Hemphill Canal located south of the ravine for delivery to NID raw water customers.  The Hemphill Diversion Structure is an approximately 8-foot tall concrete structure that has been utilized, reconstructed, and maintained by the District since its purchase of the facility in 1933. 

NID is currently designing the Hemphill Diversion Fish Passage Project  that will remove the existing diversion structure and construct a roughen-rock ramp fish passage in its place to allow for fish passage.  Improvements to the Hemphill Canal will include a fish screen to prevent fish entrapment while maintaining water deliveries to NID raw water customers.  

Auburn Ravine is identified as a salmon and steelhead habitat and the Hemphill Diversion Structure has been identified as a barrier within Auburn Ravine.  With this Project's completion it will open up approximately 6 miles of habit to migrating and resident fish.

Design is expected to be completed by March 2022 with construction Spring 2022 through Spring 2023.     


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