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Faucherie Dam and Lake (elevation 6, 123 feet)

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Faucherie is an instream dam and lake on Canyon Creek in the South Yuba watershed. Nearby towns are Graniteville (9.14 miles) and Sierra City (10.06 miles). 

The dam was originally constructed in1872 and reconstructed 1964-65 as part of the Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project.

It is an earth core, rockfill dam with a reservoir capacity of 3,980 acre-feet. The typical low level is 2,200 acre-feet.

The reservoir has 43 acres of surface area and is surrounded by granite mountains with peaks and waterfalls.

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NID has pre-1914 water rights that allow for storage of 2,600 acre-feet.

The District maintains environmental flow release to Canyon Creek currently required at 2.5 cubic feet per second (CFS). There is no onsite power generation.

Recreation: Activities include camping, day use and boating (non-motorized) with roughly 7,000 visitors annually.

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