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Encroachments include, but are not limited to, buildings, bridges, culverts, fences, underground or overhead utilities, roadways, landscaping, docks, grading, and any other fixtures or appurtenances which may cross a District facility, reservoir, or right of way, which are in such proximity to District property or right of way as to interfere or potentially interfere with the District's performance of its responsibilities, including without limitation, the District's operation of its facilities, with necessary improvements or reconstruction of its facilities or which may cause unreasonable interference with District easement rights.

Prior to the construction or installation of a new encroachment, or replacement of an existing encroachment, the property owner(s) shall submit the Encroachment Application (Form 14-A) to the District for review and approval.

Encroachment Application

Encroachment Permit - SAMPLE

Encroachment Details (Frequently used Standard Encroachment Details)

Encroachment Rules & Regulations

Encroachment Brochure

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