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Berggren Lane Waterline Replacement

The water services on Berggren Lane are currently located in a low pressure island surrounded by a higher pressure zone that transmits water from the E. George Treatment Plant to the Snow Mountain tanks above Highway 20.  Berggren Lane is served by a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Station that is located on the corner of Berggren Lane and Red Dog Road and a 4” distribution pipe that serves a dozen properties.  The 4” pipe restricts fire flows available to the wharf hydrant located at the bottom of Berggren Lane.

This project will remove the PRV Station and replace the 4” pipe with an 8” ductile iron pipe that will connect the pipeline on Red Dog Road to the existing 8” pipe on Jasper Agate Court.  In the process, the water pressure on the existing services on Berggren Lane will increase to match the surrounding area.  To mitigate the impact to existing customers, individual pressure reducing valves will be installed on each service on Berggren Lane to maintain the existing pressure at each residence.

The increased pipe size, and connection to the surrounding pipe network, will allow for full fire flows to the new fire hydrant on Berggren lane.  The connection to Jasper Agate Court will keep water flowing continuously in the pipe, improving water quality for the residents on Berggren Lane and the end of Jasper Agate Court.

Construction of the new pipeline is expected to start on June 1st with installation done by NID maintenance personnel

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