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Bear River Sediment Removal at Rollins Reservoir Project

The Bear River Sediment Removal at Rollins Reservoir Project would restore and maintain reservoir capacity in Rollins Reservoir on an on-going basis through re-establishment of gravel skimming operations on the Bear River below the confluence with Steephollow Creek. The proposed gravel skimming operation would utilize Chicago Park Powerhouse Road to haul excavated materials from the Bear River to Interstate 80.
A more detailed project description, including location maps, is attached.

The project is located on the Bear River, at the confluence with Steephollow Creek, roughly between Rollins Reservoir and the Chicago Park Powerhouse.
The project site is roughly 6 miles northeast of the City of Colfax and includes land in the counties of Nevada and Placer (approximately 39°10’35” N, 120°53’40” latitude and longitude).

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