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2022 Resolutions

2022-01 Resolution of Appreciation-Hunt.pdf2022-02 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings.pdf2022-03 Annual Disclosure of Reimbursements to Employees and Directors.pdf2022-04 Authorizing the District to Become a CSCDA Program Participant.pdf2022-05-Request LAFCo Initiate Annexation - Placer County Govt Center.pdf2022-06 Adopt Placer County Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Update .pdf2022-07 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB 361.pdf2022-08 Authorizing the Application for Grant Funds to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy's Wildfire Recovery.pdf2022-09 Authorizing Investment of Monies in the Local Agency Investment Fund.pdf2022-10 Reducing the Severity of Emergency Response Due to Drought.pdf2022-11 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings consistent with AB 361.pdf2022-12 - Adjustment of Division Boundaries.pdf2022-13 South Yuba Canal - Deer Creek Powerhouse.pdf2022-14 Reauthorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB361.pdf2022-15 Updates to Administrative Policy 3035 - Investments.pdf2022-16 Rescinding Standing Committee Related Policies.pdf2022-17 Updating Administrative Policies Pertaining to Minutes of Board Meetings.pdf2022-18 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB 361.pdf2022-19 Updating Administrative Policy-Budget Amendment Authority Levels.pdf2022-20 Establishing Administrative Policy- Ad Hoc Committees.pdf2022-21 Job Description and Staffing Changes.pdf2022-22 Position-Compensation Schedule Affective April 13 2022.pdf2022-23 Squirrel Creek Siphon Replacement Project.pdf2022-24 Repealing Declaration of Emergency COVID-19.pdf2022-25 Updates to Administrative Policy-Board Actions and Decisions.pdf2022-26 2022 Watershed Department Budget Amendment & Contractor Expense Approval.pdf2022-27 Re-Authorizing Remotes Meetings Consistent with AB 361.pdf2022-28 2022 Collection Agreement between NID and the USFS.pdf2022-29 Enacting Drought Contingency Plan Stage II Measures and Enhancing Conservation Measures.pdf2022-30 Calling General Election, and Requesting the Board of Supervisors to Consolidate with any other Election on said date- County of Nevada.pdf2022-31 Declaring an Election be held in its Jurisdiction;Requesting the Board of Supervisors to Consolidate this Election with any other Election Conducted-Placer County.pdf2022-32 Repealing Declaration of Emergency-River Fire.pdf2022-33 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB 361.pdf2022-34 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB 361.pdf2022-35 Placing Delinquent Accounts on District Assessment Roll for Collection - Nevada County .pdf2022-36 Requesting Collection of Charges on Tax Roll for Tax Year 2022-2023 - Placer County .pdf2022-37 Authorizing Levy of Special Taxes - Cement Hill.pdf2022-38 Authorizing Levy of Special Assessments - Rodeo Flat.pdf2022-39 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB361.pdf2022-40 Reinstating and Updating Policy 2174 - Education.pdf2022-41 Addition of Payroll Technician Job Description.pdf2022-42 Modify Job Titles From Manager to Director.pdf2022-43 - Requesting Placer LAFCo Initiate Proceedings for Placer Co. Annexations.pdf2022-44 Authorizing Application for Water and Energy Efficiency Grant.pdf2022-45 Authorizing Updates to Policy 3200 - Claims Against the District.pdf2022-46 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB361.pdf2022-47 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB361.pdf2022-48 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB361.pdf2022-49 Addition of IT Network Analyst Job Description.pdf2022-50 Establishing Capital Asset Policy.pdf2022-51 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB361.pdf2022-52 Updating Policy 2175 - Employee Training.pdf2022-53 Grant App-Upper Middle Yuba Watershed Forest Restoration Project NEPA Planning.pdf2022-54 Grant App-Upper Yuba Headwaters Forest Restoration Project.pdf2022-55 Job Description Revisions - Finance.pdf2022-56 Resolution of Appreciation-McConnehey.pdf2022-57 2022 Budget Amendment.pdf2022-58 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB361.pdf2022-59 Resolution of Appreciation- Gunther.pdf2022-60 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent With AB361.pdf2022-61 Approving Purchase-Sale Agreement-Whitcomb Ave. Colfax.pdf2022-62 Resolution of Appreciation-Peters.pdf2022-63 Resolution of Appreciation-Pitts.pdf2022-64 Resolution of Appreciation-Hart.pdf2022-65 Resolution of Appreciation-Crabtree.pdf2022-66 Resolution of Appreciation-Waymire.pdf2022-67 Resolution of Appreciation-Alstrand.pdf2022-68 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB361.pdf2022-69 Requesting NC LAFCo Initiate Proceedings for Annexation - Placer Co..pdf2022-70 NID Position-Compensation Schedule eff. 1-2-2023.pdf2022-71 2022 Budget Amendment-David Way Pump Station Project.pdf2022-72 Adopting the 2023 Budget and Capital Improvement Plan.pdf



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