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2021 Resolutions

2021-01- Establish District Policy 7050 - Pandemic Prevention Policy.pdf2021-02 Annual Disclosure of Reimbursement.pdf2021-03 Update to Administrative Policy 2030.pdf2021-04-Update District Policies Pertainint to Standing Committees.pdf2021-05 Approving Dissolution of CABY JPA.pdf2021-06 Abandonment-Portion of Newtown Canal.pdf2021-07 Nominating L.Peters-ACWA Region 3 Board.pdf2021-08 Adopting, Filing & Implementing the Agricultural Water Management Plan Update.pdf2021-09 Establish District Policy 2170 - Lactation Accommodation.pdf2021-11 Declaring Drought and Adopt Stage 1 Drought Contingency Plan Procedures.pdf2021-12 Letter Agreement re Deer Creek Asset Sale & Purchase Agreement.pdf2021-13 Grant Funds Application - Wildfire & Forest Resilience Program .pdf2021-14 Resolution of Appreciation - Cutlip.pdf2021-15 Placing Laura Peters as Member of ACWA Region 3 .pdf2021-16 Placing Delinquent Accounts on Assessment Roll- Nevada County .pdf2021-17 Requesting Collection of Charges on Tax Roll-Placer County.pdf2021-18 Authorizing Levy of Special Taxes-Cement Hill .pdf2021-19 Authorizing Levy of Assessments-Rodeo Flat.pdf2021-20 Expressing Appreciation to Greg Jones.pdf2021-21 Drought Response and Conservation Measures.pdf2021-22 Resolution of Appreciation- Beem.pdf2021-23 Application for Annexation - Danielsen,Placer County.pdf2021-24 Urban Water Mgt Plan Update.pdf2021-25-Adopt MND-English Meadow Floodplain Restoration-Enhancement Project.pdf2021-26 Application for WCB Grant-English Meadow.pdf2021-27 - Adoption of the Final EIR Hemphill Diversion Structure.pdf2021-28 - Establishing Enforcement for Violations of Water Use Restrictions.pdf2021-29 Amending Resolution 2021-28 - Enforcement for Violations of Water Use Restrictions .pdf2021-30-Emergency Declaration - River Fire.pdf2021-31 Changes to Wages, Terms and Conditions of Employment-AFSCME.pdf2021-32 Authorizing Remote Meetings Consistent with AB361.pdf2021-33 Supporting the CABY IRWMP.pdf2021-34 Application for Annexation - Haven Hill Water Assoc.pdf2021-35 Appointment of Real Property Negotiator.pdf



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