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2020 Resolutions

2020-01 Resolution of Appreciation Caldwell2020-02  Annual Disclosure of Reimbursement2020-03  Board Meeting Conduct2020-04  Standing Committees2020-05  Minutes of Committee Meetings2020-06 Updates Administrative Policies – Standing Committees2020-07 Making Application for Annexation – Dewitt Center2020-08 Declaration of Emergency – COVID-192020-09 Participation in the USGS Surplus Federal Property Donation Program2020-10 General District Election – Nevada County2020-11 General District Election – Placer County2020-12 Resolution of Appreciation, Morris2020-13 Adopting Mitigated Negative Declaration & Reporting Doty North Canal2020-14 Resolution of Appreciation Scherzinger2020-15 Authorizing Levy of Special Taxes-Cement Hill2020-16 Authorizing Levy of Special Assessments-Rodeo Flat2020-17 Placing Delinquent Accounts on Assessment Roll – Nevada County2020-18 Requesting Collection of Charges on Tax Roll – Placer County2020-19 Bond Refunding Installment Agreement2020-20 Changes in Wages, Hours, and Terms and Conditions of Emloyment2020-21 Extension of Beneft and Compensation Plans2020-22 Resolution of Appreciation Wilcox2020-23 Application for Annexation – Alta Hill Area2020-24 Resolution of Appreciation - Scicluna.pdf2020-25 Resolution of Appreciation - Sokoloff.pdf2020-26 Authorizing the Negotiated Sale of Revenue Bonds.pdf2020-27- Resolution of Appreciation -Miller.pdf2020-28 Adopt Mitigated Negative Declaration Valley View Access.pdf2020-29 Updates to Administrative Policies 3035 - Investments.pdf2020-30 Adopting Investment Policy.pdf2020-31 LAFCO Special District Regular Member Nomination.pdf2020-32 LAFCO Special District Alternate Member Nomination.pdf
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