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100 Years of NID:  1921-2021

100 years of delivering water for life

On Aug. 5, 1921, Nevada County residents voted to form an irrigation district and secure a reliable water supply for farmland and ranches in Nevada County. The proposal received overwhelming support, 636-163.

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On the first day of formation, newly elected directors met at the Bret Harte Hotel  in Grass Valley.

Ten days later, on August 15, 1921, the first NID Board of Directors meeting was held at the Bret Harte Hotel in Grass Valley. And the District was officially formed.

Please join the NID family in celebrating our significant milestone. Check out the information below -- enjoy the historic photos, descriptions and photos highlighting what it has taken to make the District what it is today.



View an assortment of historic photos, ranging from the early days of the District and work on building the water infrastructure in the 1920s to the massive Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project in the 1960s. Click here.



 A lot has changed since the early days. And yet, some things remain the same. We dusted off our photo album and compared historic snapshots with newer ones. Scroll to enjoy the journey down NID’s memory lane. Click here.


"NID WE DELIVER" MUSICAL VIDEO. What is NID? If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? You tell us! Click here: NID We Deliver


PHOTO QUIZ: An NID crew works in the Bowman-Spaulding Tunnel. How many workers are there in this photo?

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 Click here to find the answer.


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