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Plan for Water - Objectives

Process Objectives

The Plan for Water process is the governing framework that holds transparency and integrity as the tenets of the process. Working together as a community is based on the following objectives for the RWMP Update.

  • Identify different perspectives and inputs to the community’s future.
  • Understand what is really important to the community and why.
  • Assess our water situation together.
  • Allow for open and balanced discussions of all community voices.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of potential pathways and subsequent impacts to community interests and the community’s future.
  • Provide a forum for community members to discuss and develop pathways as opposed to a closed process consisting only of technical experts. Focus on overarching strategic policies and not on specific projects.
  • Create a 50-year strategic plan using the best information available at this time.
  • Develop a Community Collaboration process that can be used for future projects and community issues.
  • Pursue community solutions within NID’s legal responsibilities to its customers and landowners within its service area.
Plan for Water is a community collaboration process to support the NID RWMP Update.Pathways are strategic policy options to guide future water resource management efforts.


The process will be facilitated by a neutral, unbiased professional facilitator to maximize efficiency, productivity and transparency throughout. This will be a step-by-step process with the flexibility to change and adapt to new information as it progresses. There will be opportunities for creative problem solving, brainstorming, and developing strategic options. The process will begin with sessions designed to understand the community needs and water issues in depth, then progress to analysis of the issues, and the design of multiple pathway solutions.

Promise to the Public

The Plan for Water and a successful community collaboration to update the RWMP is the top priority of NID. The Board commits to collaborate with the public throughout the process to ensure community involvement, participation, and ownership of the proposed pathways. The framework will allow all ideas and considerations to be brought to the table for possible inclusion in the pathways. Feedback and active communication will be embedded at each step so that community members can see how their input and contributions are reflected in the process and included in the proposed pathways.

Plan for Water Process Steps

The Plan for Water process puts community input at the front of a six-step Raw Water Master Plan Update process. As shown in the figure below, the Plan for Water Team will steer the first for four steps to support the RWMP Update and then NID will steer the implementation steps.

Figure 1: Plan for Water - the RWMP Update Process

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