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E.George to Lake Wildwood Backbone Extension Pipeline Project

The proposed E . George to Lake Wildwood Backbone Extension Pipeline Project is on hold pending completion of the District's Plan for Water Process.

The proposed Project entails constructing a new water distribution/transmission pipeline primarily within roadways to provide a connection between the E. George and Lake Wildwood Systems. The Project would provide a second and/or alternate source of treated water in the event of a failure or raw water interruption at the Lake Wildwood Water Treatment Plant (WTP). Additionally, it will allow for the planning of future maintenance activities of the Lake Wildwood WTP. The project would make treated water service available to the properties within reasonable distance of the proposed pipeline route. The project includes the installation of fire hydrants along the pipeline route.

The majority of the Project would be constructed within existing roadways, except where it would cross private property between Riffle Box Road and Rough and Ready Road near Empty Diggins Lane. Another short segment would cross private property just east of Minnow Lane. Appurtenances such as fire hydrants, air release valves (ARV), and service lines and meter boxes would be placed on the shoulder of the road at the adjacent property lines. Pressure reducing stations would be located just outside of the county right-of-way at most times. Stub-outs for future waterline extensions would also be installed.

Project Location Map

EG-LWW - Project Location Map.pdf
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